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Tell me about
smart meters

Smart meters work with your prepay meter and are designed to help you take control of your energy use. They’re free to install and if you get one, you can enjoy the perks of Smart PAYG+.

More time for you

With a smart meter installed for free, you can top up: Online, on the app, via SMS, at shops with our smart cards.

Track your £££ on your phone

See how long your latest top-up will last, and get alerts when you’re running low.

No more cold showers

With auto-tops you’ll never forget to top up again.

It’s easy to join us




Pick an installation date and time



Our engineer will get to it (just make sure you're home)



We'll upgrade you to Smart PAYG+. Nice.



All is done.
Have fun!


Find answers galore in our help section or browse the big questions in our FAQs below.

Want to speak to a person? Call us on 0330 102 7517 .

No. But we do have a pretty useful app to go with our smart meters. You can set auto top ups, get predictions about when your balance will run out and, of course, top up straight from the app.
Smart meters have gone through some serious safety tests. They have to pass a lot of UK and EU regulations before they’re allowed in people’s homes - just like your phone, microwave, TV and so on.

Smart meters use radio waves to transmit their data, but all the research says that they’re no more dangerous than a WiFi router. You can find out more about radio waves, here.
Your smart meter tells us how much energy you’re using, and if there’s an interruption to your supply. We use this info to:
  • Spot any problems quickly.
  • Work more efficiently, to help keep prices low.
  • Give you advice on lowering your bills.
  • Improve our customer services.
  • Improve our products and develop new ones.
  • Help stop energy theft.
  • Manage energy supply and demand.
We’ll always ask you, if you we need to use your information for anything else.
Ofgem also sets out strict regulations and codes of practice, to keep your data private and safe. We use encryption, controlled access and other security, to protect your data, which also covered by the Data Protection Act.

It terms of security - your smart meter uses its own protected net
Of course, you can switch whenever, you like. The downside is that you might lose some of the smart features listed above, if the smart meter isn’t compatible with your new supplier. Essentially, it could become like a traditional prepaid meter again, back to regular PAYG.
The engineer will make a note of how much credit you have during the installation. It usually takes about 5 working days for this to be added to your new smart meter.
You’ll be off-supply for about 20 minutes. When the installation is finished, you’ll get a notification to let you know you can start topping up. If needed, you can go into emergency credit to give you time to top up - whatever energy you use during this time will be deducted from your first top up.