What's a Tariff Information Label?

Tariff Information Labels (TILs) help to explain your plan and lets you compare prices.

Tariff Information Labels help to explain the details of your plan. You’ll see one label for electricity and another for gas (if you have it) on energy quotes and letters we send about price changes. 
A bit like the food labels that help you compare how much salt, fat and other things are in the food you buy, Tariff Information Labels (introduced by Ofgem in 2014) help you to compare your plan “like-for-like” with plans from different suppliers. 
Ultimately, they make it easier to check the prices of your plan and whether you could be getting a better deal with a different plan. 

Below is an example of one. The top part shows your tariff information and includes the name and type of your tariff, along with your unit prices, standing charges and any exit fees or discounts that apply.