I’m having trouble getting started with Boost PAYG – can you help?

Oh no, that’s no good. Let’s take a closer look to see what could be causing this headache.

Normally, joining Boost is trouble free. But occasionally things can throw a spanner in the works. These are the 3 most common glitches our customers face – and our advice on how to deal with them.

Why has my previous energy supplier objected to my switch to Boost?

Unfortunately, we don’t know. We can’t get access to this information as it’s confidential between you and them. However, the most usual reason is that you owe them money.

Even if you think you’ve cleared everything, it might be that you’ve forgotten about some emergency credit or standing charges. We can’t act as a go-between – so you’ll need to talk to them yourself.

Just call them and ask why they’ve raised an objection. Once you’ve sorted out the problem, we can start trying to take over your supply again.

Boost started supplying my energy a couple of days ago, but my key/card hasn’t arrived yet. Should I be worried?

Not necessarily. Keys and cards should arrive 2 days after we start supplying you. Just keep using your old supplier's key or card until ours arrive.

If nothing comes after 5 days, please call us on 0330 102 7517 and we’ll send out new ones.

The rates on my meter look wrong – why?

The rates on your meter include the 5% VAT we add to both your unit prices and your standing charge. Maybe you had overlooked that?

If it’s not the VAT making it look wrong, please call 0330 102 7517 and we’ll look into it for you.

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