What’s ‘single wallet’ for Smart PAYG+?

It’s your wallet of credit – or Smart PAYG+ balance – that both your gas and electricity meters dip into at the same time, as and when they need it.

You’ll only need to know about single wallet if you get both your gas and electricity from us. If we only supply one fuel, it won’t matter to you.

You can top up with Smart PAYG+:

When you top up, you automatically buy credit for both meters – you can’t just buy for one. Your credit then sits there, waiting for your electricity and gas meters to use it. They take from it at the same time, as and when you use your appliances, heating or lighting.

So long as you’re topped up, it’s good because there’ll always be credit for the meter that needs it – you’ll never have money left on the wrong meter. 

For example, in winter, when you need gas for your heating, you won’t have £20 left on your electricity meter. Or, in summer, you’ll never have money left on your gas meter when you need to cook with electricity.

Smart PAYG+ 24-hour emergency credit

Instead of giving you a fixed amount of emergency credit when you run out, PAYG+ gives you an unlimited amount that lasts for 24 hours – and that covers both meters. So you’ve got plenty of time to top up before your gas and electricity stops. 

Even after the 24 hours, we’ll never disconnect your supply during the night (4pm-10am) or anytime over the weekends and on bank holidays.

It’s different to Smart PAYG Standard, as that only gives you £5 for each meter.

Go Smart PAYG+

Don’t have Smart PAYG+ yet but want it? Call our Bristol-based team on 0330 102 7517 and we’ll set it up for you.
When you switch to Smart PAYG+, you take away the hassle of your gas and electricity prepay meter top ups:

  • Top up anywhere by app, text, online or at your local Paypoint shop 
  • Easily check your credit, wherever you are 
  • No more meter key, no more hassle 
  • The power stays on even if your credit runs out at night or on weekends 
  • No upfront cost (smart meter included) 

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