How do I schedule a top up with Smart PAYG+?

Whether you’re tucked up in bed or miles away from home, you can quickly schedule top ups with the Boost app.

With the Boost app and Smart PAYG+, you simply set and forget – set rolling top ups on a date you choose or auto top ups when your balance gets low.

The Boost app is free to download at Apple App Store or Google Play.

Rolling top ups

Forgetting to top up is a thing of the past. Set how much you want to top up, and how frequently (for example, weekly or when you get paid). The payments will come off your registered bank card, so you’ll never go overdrawn accidentally, like you can with a Direct Debit.

Want to schedule a rolling top up? Here’s how:

It’ll say ‘Top up my account with £__ every __ month(s) starting ______’. Here you add the amount, the frequency and the date you’d like top ups to start. Then click ‘Activate’.

Auto top ups

Auto top ups are a common-sense solution to keeping your energy on, all the time. Just tell us your lower credit limit, and how much you want to top up. Then whenever your credit drops below your lower limit, we’ll automatically top up your meter with the amount you chose.

Want to schedule an auto top up? Here’s how:

It’ll say ‘Automatically top up my account with £__ when my balance is lower than £__’. You just fill in the amounts and click ‘Activate’.