Top 5 Apps to save you energy at home

Top 5 free apps to help you save energy

If you’ve got a smartphone then here are 5 really useful apps to try. They’re all designed to save you energy at home. And what’s not to love about that!

Energy Cost Calculator

If you leave the lights on when you pop to the kitchen, or let the TV and other electrical appliances stay in standby mode when you’re not using them, then you might be surprised how much power you’re using. This app monitors your spending so you can work out just how much you’re unnecessarily wasting on energy every day, week, month and year. Download for iPhone or Android.


This playful app turns using less energy into an enjoyable game, but one that could also bring you some serious savings. It suggests easy, energy-saving tips and rewards you with points and virtual trophies while also helping your wallet. Users save on average more than £150 per year when they make the app part of their regular activity. Available for iPhone or Android.


This app for Android devices helps you spend less time in the shower which means you’ll use less energy and save money. Showr is a Smart Shower Timer with visual and audio alerts that tell you when it’s time to get out. It can also show you how much water you’ve used and how much your showers are costing. Or if you’ve got an iPhone, you could try this simple Audio Countdown app to hurry you along too.

Power Cost Calculator

They say that knowledge is power, so surely knowledge about power is even better. This app for Android is a great way to calculate how much energy your TV, microwave, phone charger and other gadgets and appliances are using when they’re on standby, and how much it’s costing you. You might be surprised at the energy you could save.


We couldn’t forget this app now could we. Our Android and iPhone app lets you top-up wherever you are, manage your prepayment meter and track your spending. You can top up gas and electricity quickly and easily and see how long your credit will last. And with handy text alerts when you’re running low, you can stay in control and make good decisions about your energy use.