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We're here to
make life easier

Hello we're Boost.

We're taking the pain out of PAYG energy, one cold shower or annoying blackout at a time.

Sound good? Then keep reading.

We're putting
the power in
your hands

How? By bringing you simple 21st century technology and great service.

Take the Boost app for example. It gives you total control. Like letting you top up from your sofa. Or giving you top-up reminders. Or helping you save up for extra winter energy costs. And that’s just for starters.

After all, if you can manage your bank account from your phone, why not your energy?

Need help?
We're 100%
here for you

Our team is dedicated to PAYG - and PAYG only.

We think it’s better that way.

It means our friendly Bristol team can concentrate on the important stuff. Like answering your calls or developing helpful new tech.

And you? Well, you can spend less time thinking about energy and more time doing the things you want to do.

Keep forgetting to top up?
We've got this.

Just set up auto-tops or get top-us reminders on the Boost app. Simple.

Phone showing how to top up your energy balance Phone showing the current energy balance Phone showing how to do scheduled top ups